View Mag is a photography magazine blog. The website serves as an educational guide for those who are planning to pursue photography as a profession. You also get more tips on how to get more unique visitors to your website through the help of other websites as well. In line with this, the site publishes product reviews, interviews from industry professionals, and solid business advice from photographers who have been in the industry for years and years (especially when it comes to getting nice savings of 20 euros with kortingscode zalando 20 euro promo when buying materials). We curate our content to provide must-read resources for any photographer who is looking to improve their work and grow their business.

The knowledge and tools that we provide aspiring photographers and our website visitors come from an outstanding team of contributors that continue to educate and inspire as they carve out their place in the photography scene. Not only do we publish the latest photography news, articles for inspiration, interviews with artists, and even written and video tutorials, we also ensure that we anything we release on the site has a level of depth that is characterized by fantastic writing and is overflowing with talent and creativity.

Photography Resources

Storytelling, creative innovation, and visual aesthetic are the heart and soul of photography, no matter the medium. View Mag has brought together both professional photographers and hobbyists to bring real-world knowledge, experience, inspiration, and most of all, passion to every single article, photo, and video that is published on the platform. These resources offer a variety of ways to improve one’s photography skills under the guidance of some of the best minds and artists in the industry. 

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The site publishes resources which are designed for amateur photographers of all skill levels who are interested in improving their photography capabilities and exploring their creative vision. Photographers, videographers, and creative professionals are welcome to use the site to look for more information about a range of topics, including photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.

We believe that everyone is capable of being a good photographer. Learning is extremely important for us, which is why we offer all the tools at our disposal to help our readers take their photography skills to the next level.  

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Curated Gallery

View Mag has a curated gallery, where only photos of the highest quality are published. The site has a team of professional curators who carefully review any submitted photos based on a number of factors, including idea, mood, aesthetics, and technical quality. Although the site adheres to very strict standards of quality, we also ensure that every photo submission brings something new to the table. Our photos have a high level of originality and unique creative vision.

For every photo submission, we follow a strict set of standards to ensure quality and originality. These standards are also observed for article submissions. Our team carefully reviews and votes on the submission, offering tips and feedback when necessary. Because we highly value originality and variety, we do not use any form of computer algorithm to determine which photos and articles are published on the site. Our curators are some of the best in their field, and help ensure that aspiring photographers find the inspiration and resources they need to become a master in the field.