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Thomas Jansen is a renowned nature, wildlife, and travel photographer. He has published several books about photography techniques and wildlife conservation. He created the blog, View Mag, as way to share his work with other people. Making it his life passion to be as creative as possible, Thomas uses his platform to encourage teamwork, community, and collaboration among professionals and enthusiasts.

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You need to choose a photographer that you know can deliver, and not one that you are just taking a chance on. Choose someone who has the right kind of professional, technical, and artistic training to capture the very essence of your intended subjects. You want photos that you can hand down to the next generation.
All images on the site are edited for color, saturation, exposure and sharpness to ensure that each image is on its own is the best it can be. Retouched images, on the other hand, involve taking things a step further by eliminating blemishes, smoothing the skin, and getting rid of as much interference from the back ground as possible.
We currently do not offer work experience placements, sorry!

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